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Atari 8 bit Standard Carts(10/$5.00)
Save $15.00-$45.00!

Math Encounter, Basic, Space Invaders, Pac-Man.
May include other titles such as Super Sketch, or Eastern Front(1941) as available. wt.=28 oz.
Atari 8 bit Super Sketch Tablet Carts(10/$7.50)
Save $25.00-$45.00!
Super Sketch draw cart
Has a reprogramable eprom soldered in pcb. wt.=28 oz.
Atari 2600 Standard Carts(10/$3.50)
Save $15.00-$25.00!

Short Titles
Pac-Man, Berzerk, Asteroids, Warlords, Defenders,
Yars' Revenge, Missle Command, Star Raiders, Football, Cosmic Ark, Combat.
Tall Titles
Baseball, Astroblast, Space Attack. wt.=28 oz.

(+PP fee)
(+PP fee)
(+PP fee)
(+PP fee)
Ship in US except Texas:
Total $19.16

Total $21.73

Total $17.61

Ship in Texas:
Pricing:above+Sales Tax
Total $20.72

Total $23.51

Total $19.05

Ship in Canada(1stI):
Total $27.62

Total $31.78

Total $25.54

Ship Elsewhere(1stI):
Total $34.01

Total $38.17

Total $31.93

ORDERING(all funds US$)
Quantities limited. While Supplies last or when sale ends.
You will get at least ONE of EACH title available, unless you specify titles. Titles are first ordered, first filled.

(1stI=First Class International(NO INSURANCE!), PMI=Priority Mail International(Faster & INSURANCE Included!))
(Mail Order Note:Money Orders and Cashiers Checks process faster than personal/business checks.)

Please ask FIRST:
Shipping elsewhere, Adding Insurance, Multiple items, Questions.
Get info BEFORE ordering.

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